Blown Film Extrusion

On site manufacture includes low and linear low and high density polyethylene, high performance metallocene grades and recycled resins, available in mono-layer or multi-layer construction.

Externally sourced films include a complete range of single wound sheet in blown or cast polypropylene and polyester films which offer superior clarity and moisture barrier properties.


Very narrow web low and linear low density lay flat tubing starting at 50mm completes the range of films available off the shelf.
Specific additives can be blended to polyethylene films that meet with specific customer use that include coloured master batches, seal and hot tack benefits, low, medium and high slip features.



Mono-layer blown film capability Widths:

50mm – 2100mm (2600mm gusset profile)
  Gauges: 15um – 200um (150um gusset profile) 
3 Layer blown film capability Widths: 900mm – 1700mm
  Gauges: 15um – 250um
High density blown film capability Widths: 450mm – 1350mm
  Guages: 15um – 70um